Logistics & Customs

We offer services to meet your demands through the planning, control and implementation of the effective movement and storage of related information, goods and services from origin to destination.

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Customs clearance is a necessary procedure before goods can be imported or exported internationally

  • Customs clearance (import and export)
  • Bonded and licensed warehouse
  • Providing advisory services on the latest international trade and customs regulations
  • Certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) including customs simplification and security certification


Whether the purpose is strictly storage or storage plus order fulfillment, warehouses use specific elements that help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers monitor inventory and store it safely.

  • Container unloading / stuffing
  • Maritime consolidation
  • Wedging, Seizing & Isolation
  • Labelling and weight control


Also referred to as sales logistics, this includes the processes and procedures needed to move goods from manufacturers and suppliers to fulfillment agents and distribution centers that get those goods to end consumers.

  • Supply fulfillment partners
  • Including inventory management
  • Warehousing and working with transport agents.

Maritime consolidation

We offer the service of the method of shipping where a consolidator combines individual LCL shipments from various shippers into one full container shipment

  • Security
  • Control
  • Tracking

Container unloading / stuffing

A container can be loaded and unloaded in various ways, depending on the type of container, the equipment available, and the kind of cargo.

  • Importation & Exportation
  • Pallets
  • Bulk
  • Mix (pal + bulk)
  • Container traction

Our know-how dedicated to your efficiency

Bulk fluids

We offer you a new type liquid container
suitable for storage and transport
non-hazardous fluids.
Flexitanks makes the best use of container,
is suitable for railway, road
and ocean transport.


We offer solutions whether shipping
by sea, air, road, or rail, for all
import – export requests
from and/or to all origins/destinations,
for your shipments.


We offer you our knowledge for your
projects, including those that have
specific needs that require market expertise.
We can provide you with a tailor-made
response thanks to our know-how
and our solid expertise.